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School choice is an important part of the educational process.  Open Enrollment is an option for families to choose a school other then their resident school.  If you are interested in sending your learner to another school for the 2015-16 school year, please click on the links below for details and associated policy and application forms.  For further information, please call the district office at (541) 475-6192.

Open Enrollment Instructions


In District Transfer Requests:

  • If you wish to send your child or children to a different school, outside of your resident area, but within our district, you must apply through the open enrollment procedures.  
  • A summary of open enrollment conditions and procedures is included with the open enrollment form and available at each school’s main office or the district office.
  • Applications for the upcoming school year must be received at the district office by April 1st.
  • The district is not responsible for any transportation or excess costs.

Out of District Transfer Requests:

  • If you would like to send your child or children to a different school district, you must contact that district directly and follow that district’s open enrollment procedures.



Open Enrollment Policy

Application for Open Enrollment (.pdf)

Application for Open Enrollment (.doc)


After School Learning

District Family Liaison Contact Info

Nancy Viramontes
Family Engagement Coordinator
541-475-6192 ext 2201
Butch David
Native American Community Liaison

Aaron Fisher
Hispanic Community Liaison

Lana Leonard
Native American Community Liaison
541-553-1128 ext 6066

Erin's Law

Erin’s Law is named after childhood sexual assault survivor, author, speaker and activist Erin Merryn, who is the founder and President of Erin’s Law. “Erin’s Law” requires that all public schools in each state implement a prevention-oriented child sexual abuse program which teaches:

  1. Students in grades preK – 12th grade, age-appropriate techniques to recognize child sexual abuse and tell a trusted adult
  2. School personnel all about child sexual abuse
  3. Parents & guardians the warning signs of child sexual abuse, plus needed assistance, referral or resource information to support sexually abused children and their families
Madras High school is implementing 4 lessons through Guideroom from the "Safer, Smarter Teens" curriculum this year. If you have questions or concerns, please contact a building administrator.
Erin's Law 2 (Eng)     Erin's Law 2 (Spa)

Parent Guides for Math

  • GRADE Kindergarten



  • GRADE 1  



  • GRADE 2 




Free Online Training for Parents

Jefferson County School District is offering free training for parents. We are pleased to offer online training for parents utilizing the SafeSchools online training program to inform parents on issues regarding Sexual Conduct, Child Abuse Reporting, and Dating Violence: Identification and Prevention.
To access the training, go to   click on Register, and enter this code: 82fd2b4c. 
You will then be asked to complete a registration (Name and create a username. Email is optional).

Parent Guides for Student Success

Attention Parents: 

Would you be interested in:

  • Learning what your child is studying at their grade level? 
  • Tips to help you talk with your child's teacher about their schoolwork? 
  • Ways to help your child learn at home?

The National PTA has published some Parent Guides to Student Success that can help you with these issues!  Click on these links to download these helpful documents:

Two-page Parents' Guides to Student Success (Color)
Color versions of the two-page Parent Guides

Four-page Parents' Guides to Student Success (Black and white)
Black and white versions of the four-page Parent Guides

Four-page Parents' Guides to Student Success (Color)
Color versions of the four-page Parent Guides

Additional Resources

Parents’ Guide to Student Success—Frequently Asked Questions

Parents’ Guide to Student Success—Frequently Asked Questions


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