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Message from Superintendent Rick Molitor: 


Given the recent school closures in Redmond and Bend, I would like to reassure you that we are current and up to date in our building safety assessments.   At this time, we have no concerns with the structural integrity of our buildings.   Although we are experiencing multiple issues with ice buildup, these are not causing structural concerns. We are advising everyone to stay away from the sides of building, as falling ice and snow can be dangerous. Unless conditions change, we are planning for regularly scheduled school days.

Thank you again,

Rick Molitor


Superintendent Message regarding Snow Days


A Message from Superintendent Rick Molitor

January 11, 2017

509-J Students, Staff, Parents and Stakeholders.
Although we cannot control the weather, we can control how we react to it.  

Decisions to delay or cancel school relies on multiple data sources to determine if we can safely transport students to and from school and conduct a safe and effective learning environment.  The District creates a school calendar that exceeds the required minutes in case we have to cancel or delay school.  However, with seven canceled school days, we need to look at ways to make up some instructional time.  In order to plan accordingly and provide as much notice as possible, the following recommendation


NOTICE OF 509J Budget Committee Position VACANCIES

The Jefferson County School District Board of Directors is accepting applications from interested community members who would like to fill two three-year budget committee positions. The Board will review applications and appointments will be made at the January 23rd Board Meeting. The appointments would become effective immediately upon appointment and end June 30, 2019. To be eligible for
appointment, the candidate:
1. Must live in Jefferson County
2. Must not be an officer or employee of Jefferson County School District
3. Must be a qualified voter of the District.
Applications may be obtained at the District Office at 445 SE Buff Street or on our website at http://www.jcsd.k12.or.us. The positions will be open until filled or until first official Budget Meeting in the spring of 2017. Please return your application to the District Office.

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